The Weavers' Loom

Session Two - Saving the Brauers' Bacon

Goblins -- and one keg of ale -- meet their end

“Well,” remarks Jamis Wompley as you finish piling up the dead but thoroughly-looted goblin corpses, “I doubt we’ve seen the last o’ their kind. Little beasts’ve been coming ’round these parts every few months now for the last year or so.” The portly tavernkeeper sets down five mugs of ale on a table near you and wipes his hands on his apron before smoothing out his handlebar moustache. He learns over and peers out the nearby window, running a hand over his bald pate. “Looks like we won’t have too long to wait, either. Look, just there.”

The middle-aged barman nods toward the window and points toward the lights coming from the brewery and the small shadows that pass before them. “Little bastard’s’re making a move on those Brauer brothers’ place. Now, were I a bettin’ man, which, of course, I am, I’d bet a fair crown that helpin’ those brothers out could earn me more than a few back.”

Jamis’s hint of future reward on your collective minds, peering out the window you see the silhouettes of three goblins outside the brewery.

After fighting off the goblins in Jamis Wompley’s Creaky Loom tavern, the heroes set their sights on a new threat: goblins that were stealing kegs of ale from the Brauer brothers’ brewery. The goblins were ready for the heroes and the moment they peaked their heads out of the tavern, the heroes found themselves under a volley of arrows and divine wrath. The three goblins — two archers and a priest of Maglubiyet — fired on the heroes from a distance (which the heroes quickly closed). Althea, the halfling cleric of Sehanine, took a number of serious hits early on and spent a good amount of time recovering. The rest of the group waded into the fray, with Isiri, the Razorclaw shifter barbarian, charging headlong into the goblin priest. The rest of the party worked their way toward the fresh crowd of goblins emerging from the brewery carrying kegs. Jadzeah blasted a goblin warrior with an arcane torrent of thunder, blasting him backward through a dropped keg, ruining it. Ny slinked around the battlefield, cursing several of the goblins with twisted energies from beyond the stars, blasting any in his way with dark magics. Forcing his way into the heart of the battle, Kwill locked many of the goblins down, bringing down righteous fury upon them while his allies beset them spell and blade.

Once the fight was over, Henrik Brauer, younger of the two Brauers (and the one that’s not the master brewer), came out to meet with the heroes and offer them a small reward. Ny rifled the bodies of the dead, lying to the others about how much gold he found on the bodies. Jadzeah was the only one who saw through Ny’s deception and, in private, used magic to intimidate him into the truth. Ny, an inveterate liar and professional bastard, continued to lie to Jadzeah, continuing to claim less than he actually found, but offering to split the difference with her if she’d keep quiet. In what could have been a defining moment of a future partnership between the group’s two arcanists, Jadzeah agreed. Meanwhile, Althea and Isiri found the tracks of an escaping goblin spotter and quickly assessed that Isiri would easily be able to follow the path whenever they were ready to take up the hunt. Kwill walked with the younger Brauer, inventorying the brewery storehouse to find that only two kegs were unaccounted for. As he talked to Henrik, Kwill discovered a bit of history of the town’s trouble with goblins: while the goblins have been assaulting the town at regular intervals for a year now, a few months back, their depredations ended up stealing a bunch of records from the Lodge, seat of the local government; not a usual sort of haul for goblin raiders. Further, Kwill remembered some rumors he had heard that Henrik is the center of Weaver’s Lodge small group of organized criminals; “Brauer’s boys” are believed to run all of the gambling and smuggling operations in and around the Lodge.

The heroes now have some clues to future events and at least passing familiarity with someone who could be an important patron in the future. Why are goblins harassing Weaver’s Lodge? Why are they stealing records? What could the heroes’ friendship with Henrik Brauer mean for their future “business prospects?”



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